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Black Tea

Black Tea is a very famous tea, most of the people in India only prefer black tea. Because black tea is allowed to wither.

Dark Tea

Dark tea is from Hunan and Sichuan provinces of China and is a flavorful aged probiotic tea that steeps up very smooth with a natural slightly sweet note.

Oolong Tea

Oolong tea (also known as wulong tea) is allowed to undergo partial oxidation.

Green Tea

Green tea is allowed to wither only slightly after being picked. Then the oxidation process is stopped very quickly by firing (rapidly heating) the leaves.

White Tea

White tea is the most delicate of all teas. They are appreciated for their subtlety, complexity, and natural sweetness.

Puer Tea

Puer tea is an aged black tea from China prized for its medicinal properties and earthy flavor. It is perhaps the most mysterious of all tea.

Lets Celebrate the awesomeness of food

Best restaurant, Best Indian food, Couple friendly dine-in restaurants, Best Italian food. Ehse hi aur na jaane kitne cheeze hum aaj google par search karte hai apke first dine-in ke liye. Kyuki hum hamesha yehi chahte hai ki hamara experience acha ho aur tasty food khane ka mauka apkoa bhi mile. Kuch issi tarha ki baat hum yaha karne wala hai aur kuch best outlets ke baar main apko batayuga main apka apna Gaurav Jassal.

Tasty Breakfast Tips

Breakfast helps in restoring glucose levels, an essential carbohydrate required for our brain functions. Most of us tend to miss out on this meal in a hurry to get to office or meet other schedules forgetting how critical it is to have breakfast, which provides us the energy to get through the rest of the day.

When Gauvs meets Zingyzest

Sometimes you just love the moment when you meet your dream guru of your blogging career. For me it was the one and only chance to meet your dream guru personally. So thought of posting it. Thank you Sarah @zingyzest for organizing such a meet, it was really fun sharing food, thoughts & laugh with you special mention to @food_lunatic for the political gyan 😉